Cleveland Hurling Takes 2nd Place at Nationals in 2021!

USGAA Finals were held in Boston this year where the Cleveland Saints were runner up to Charlotte, NC.

2023 Fixtures

Date Venue Home Team Away Team Result
June 24, 2023 Akron Hurling Blitz Akron Celtic Guard / Pittsburgh Pucas Cleveland GAA N/A
July 8, 2023 West Side Irish-American Club Cleveland GAA Akron Celtic Guard TBD
July 15, 2023 Rochester Hurling Blitz Roc City Gaelic / Albany Rebels Cleveland GAA TBD
August 4-6, 2023 Location TBD Cleveland GAA N/A – Midwest GAA Championship Tournament TBD
August 18-20, 2023 Denver GAA Cleveland GAA N/A – USGAA Championship Tournament TBD

The Cleveland hurling team qualified for the USGAA Nationals in their first year, after defeating Rochester, NY in July. Nationals were held Aug 20-22 this year just outside of Boston, MA. Our club made it all the way to the championship it’s first full year and faced off against Charlotte, NC. Although we ultimately came up short, with numbers growing weekly, Cleveland hurling looks to be a favorite to win it all in Chicago next year!

Brief History

Hurling is one of the oldest field games in the world and is popular for at least 3000 years in Ireland with the first literary reference dating back to 1272 BC.

Hurling is often referenced in Irish myths and legends, the most famous of which has to be the early account found in the Táin Bo Cuailgne, a legendary tale from early Irish literature, which describes the exploits of the Ulster hero Cú Chullainn, (literally Hound of Cullen) who was so named after killing a fierce guard dog by driving a hurling ball down its throat. Such stories often portray Hurling as a form of martial training and proficiency on the Hurling field was equated with skill in battle. Throughout the countryside, Hurling thrived as a wild and often violent practice with few set rules. One 17th century account describes the game as being played on a plain about 200-300 yards long, with victory going to the first team to drive the ball through the goal of the opponent.

Hurling is fast-paced like Lacrosse, requires the same level of hand-eye coordination as baseball, and has the toughness of hockey, all in one sport.

About Us

We are growing team and we are looking for others to join us in this wonderful sport. Hurling builds character and requires incredible courage. Our team so far is made up with seasoned veterans and people brand new to the sport. We welcome men regardless of whatever your skill level is. All first-year recruits do not have worry about equipment, all you need is a pair of cleats (boots)and the desire to compete in this fast paced game. We try and have practice twice a week, and we enjoy playing against other local teams such as Akron, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis and so on.

I encourage you to reach out to us and join something truly special here in Cleveland!

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Coach Damon Margida