Hurling & Camogie pose for a photo after practice and before cooling down with some cold beverages!

We have added a Camogie team to the Cleveland GAA! If you are interested, come on out, we have gear for you, all you need is cleats!

2023 Fixtures

Date Venue Home Team Away Team Result
July 8, 2023 West Side Irish-American Club Cleveland GAA Pittsburgh Na Laochra N/A
July 29, 2023 Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Na Laochra Cleveland GAA TBD
August 4-6, 2023 Location TBD Cleveland GAA N/A – Midwest GAA Championship Tournament TBD
August 18-20, 2023 Denver GAA Cleveland GAA N/A – USGAA Championship Tournament TBD

Brief History

Camogie is to hurling what softball is to baseball. That is, it is the female version of hurling. Stemming from the pure tradition of Gaelic sports, Camogie is a sport just as popular as hurling.

Two women Máire Ní Chinnéide and Cáit Ní Dhonnchadha, both prominent Irish-language enthusiasts and cultural nationalists, were instrumental in the foundation of the sport in 1903, with the help of Ní Dhonnchadha’s brother Tadhg, who drew up the rules.

The first All-Ireland took place in 1932, included 10 counties and was won by Dublin

Unlike other Gaelic games, Camogie is organized by the Camogie Association, not the GAA. The first All-Ireland took place in 1932, included 10 counties and was won by Dublin. Seán O’Duffy of Mayo donated a silver cup, which is why the championship cup is known as the O’Duffy Cup to this day.

In those days, the game looked a little different. Players lined-out wearing gym-frocks that covered the knee, long black stockings, canvas boots, and long-sleeved blouses with a belt or sash around the waist.

As of July 2022, there are 162 Hurling/Camogie clubs in the USA!

About Us

We are growing team and we are looking for others to join us in this wonderful sport. Camogie builds character and requires incredible courage. Our team so far is made up with seasoned veterans and people brand new to the sport. We welcome women regardless of whatever your skill level is. All first-year recruits do not have worry about equipment, all you need is a pair of cleats (boots)and the desire to compete in this fast paced game. We try and have practice twice a week, and we enjoy playing against other local teams such as Akron, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis and so on.

I encourage you to reach out to us and join something truly special here in Cleveland!

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Coach Damon Margida