Taking the Fields of Glory:

Cleveland Welcomes Formation of

New Hurling Team

What is HURLING you ask? Check out the video for more information. —> Video Hurling!

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MESSAGE FROM THE COACH: My name is Damon Margida, and I want to develop and grow the National Sport of Ireland here in Cleveland.

I have known Cleveland had a Gaelic Football team for years. I stood on the sideline many of times and watched them play. I knew if I was to have any luck of creating and surviving in Cleveland with Hurling, I would have to reach out to Cleveland St. Pat’s Gaelic Football Club and let them know my intentions.

I was very pleased that they welcomed me with open arms, and now I am member of the Cleveland GAA. I will be able to recruit, develop and coach the Cleveland Adult Hurling team.

Since this is going to be a new experience for the area, and I am expecting a lot of brand-new people to the sport that hasn’t been based in Cleveland in many decades, this first year will be a lot of baby steps. Our plan is to develop the basics and then working through more advance play throughout the summer. All levels of experience and skill are welcome.

It is my hope after the new recruits pick up some skills that I will be able to create teams within the squad to help built some competition, and maybe even schedule a friendly with Akron or Pittsburgh.

The Cleveland Hurling team will be open to both men and women, so please join me and the Cleveland GAA in getting this amazing sport of Hurling off the ground right here on the Northcoast!